Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 - I'm Back!

I realize it has been quite a while since I posted.  The end of 2011 and the entire year of 2012 was a combination of overwhelming events, a herculean work load, and no travel. Which resulted in  no time for writing and sharing my passion for travel.  Anyway, that is what I thought.   As I reflect on that thought, I realize there was much travel, just closer to home, and mostly for research into my New Braunfels heritage.  Knowing that sounds dry as toast - don't stop reading.  It gets better....

Our huge project completion brings New Braunfels Cultural Heritage to life through video with the New Braunfels Footprints in Time project (1st phase).  If you are from around town you will recognize many characters as "locals"  and of course, the locations are in down town.  Now, the interesting tidbits are nestled in the videos themselves; ghosts, bootleg tunnels, dicey doctorin', and more. I won't give the juiciest morsels away, you need to watch the videos.  Or better yet, head off downtown to do the tour - remember your headphones so that the road noise doesn't interrupt your viewing pleasure.        

Cheers to 2013!  Hey, how about sending me your "Travel Call" stories?!  

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